why is website important?

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Why is website important?

Well, the question is small but not all minds try to answer it or find an answer to it. Nearly half of the small businesses don’t have a website. Depending on your locality, the percentage may vary from 30 to 80.

why are people so hesitant about creating their own blog or website?

I don’t know. I really don’t know. Probably I can do some strong research and write a blog about it some other day.
For now, All I know is having a website is not only important but also useful in many ways. It useful in getting new customers, helps in keeping the existing ones, is a digital replica of your physical business and surely there are many more reasons why it’s necessary for your business. On the other hand, it’s inexpensive, effective and the full control lies in your hand unlike any social media platform.

Now let me tell you about usefulness of having a website in very simple words.


Having a website is like putting Your product is under your umbrella.

What happens with most of the businesses is that their product gets maximum sell through social media. The businesses have to run according to the guidelines of the social media platform which might not be very suitable for the businesses or products. On top because of spam activities by other users the product or the account may also get banned or remain suspended for days.

A website is independent of such pressures. Here you have a choice to design products according to your choice. Websites along with search engines makes your presence strong.


Which means that if you don’t have a website, you are selling to only 5% of your market. So you’re losing out 95% of your business by just not having a website. Imagine the loss your business is running at.

Even if your website has a conversion rate of 25%(which is minimum), you’ll make your business 5 times bigger. Search engines like google, yahoo, bing have a very strong customer base. See your business, choose your location and customer type and list your website on different search engines according.


Website shows your professionalism.

Nobody wants to buy from a seller who isn’t professional. So it’s important for the seller to be professional and having a website is brining in that professionalism.

The better you are as professional, the easier it is for your customer to find, interact and buy.


Having a website gives you a defined online address.

People trying to connect to you may easily find your presence. Read about your business. Discover what your company does. Give you feedback, leave a comment and find many other ways to communicate.

Yes, it’s true that even if your business doesn’t have a website it’ll still appear on search engine searches.

But in this case the data spread and not systematically arranged. You’ll not be able to influence your own presence. In this case the data shown up will be random and probably not of your choice. Probably not the way you want it to be.


A website may cost somewhere between $5k-$10k for 5 years. For even the smallest businesses generating $10 dollars a day is easy. Remember the period is 5years. Even if you start your business in the beginning of the 5 year period you will easily start earning $10 dollars per day by the end of first year.
In countries like India, the cost of website making is still cheaper. Other than that the website hosting and domain names require a cost, which is very inexpensive. Remember to always focus on conversions through your website.


Website is an one time investment. It’s not like other advertising methods. It continues to work with you forever.

Other advertisements like newspapers, google ads, facebook ads, linkedIn ads, etc. are like one time return. If you cannot manage to get results after the investment then you’ll never be able to generate returns in entire life again. Where as with websites, if you can’t manage to make a positive ROI in the first year, no problem because you have the remaining four years to generate a return on your investment.

There are several other uses of having a website. For example, it’s an easily accessible data center for employees, customers and prospects. It provides self service customer support. Websites give you opportunities abroad.

After reading the blog, do you feel that having website for business is important?

Do let me know in the comments section.

Also suggest me the next topics I should write a blog about

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