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Do you get a vibe that digital marketing may rule the world in the days to come?

If yes, then this article is for you.
It’s really fascinating to imagine that what if! Digital marketing rules the world. How will the scenario change? How is it different from the traditional marketing methods? How will it effect the Indian economy? How can one make a personal brand benefit out of it?

Along with fundamental laws of marketing these above points are also as the overview of the article. This article might be helpful to Students, freelancers, mentors, professionals and entrepreneurs who are in the field of Digital marketing or are seeking to be.

Fundamental laws of marketing

I feel marketing isn’t just creativity it’s a scientific art. A scientific art that starts before creating the product and doesn’t end even after the product is sold. In the world of Marketing it’s very important to understand that a right message to the right person on the right time can only lead to results. People out there aren’t always ready to buy your product and when they are ready a right message can drive them towards your product.

According to Peter Dracker “the aim of Marketing is to make selling superfluous. Marketing should understand the customers so well that the product or service fits him/her/it and sell itself.”

It should always be kept in mind that the product is the rooted reality and not the marketing. Marketing is the total game of perceptions. It helps in creating a good image about the product. A great product converts customers to brand ambassadors. Word of mouth has always been the best format of Marketing.

Most people confuse with advertising as marketing, or sales as marketing, or copyrighting as marketing. These are all just components of Marketing and not Marketing itself.

Traditional Marketing Vs digital marketing

The TV, radio, newspaper, printed, physical posters are a few traditional marketing methods and it’s true that these marketing strategies are still required in nation like India. Where 197 million homes out of 298 millions has a TV. On an average of 4-5 people per household. The reach of digital marketing is no where close to TV based on numbers alone.
Digital marketing still can only reach to about 100 million people. People who have good spending powers and are affluent in English. According to financial express radio has a reach of 65% of the Indian population and according to business standards newspapers has a reach of 465 million people.


But now the question is ”for how long”? For how long the stats would remain same for a nation like India with 3 trillion economy.

What are returns on spending the same amount of time or Money on both digital and traditional marketing? I will cover about this part with more details in another blog.

The world is rapidly changing and accepting things the way they are to be accepted. Digital marketing will be the next BOOM!


Integrated Digital marketing

It is an integration of multiple marketing strategies to form a cohesive online approach for your business. It involves
• web development and design
• Email marketing
• SEO and SEM
• content marketing
• social media marketing and
• paid advertising(or pay-per-click advertising) campaign.

It’s a legitimate and unique service provided by the provider. It’s not very easy to to create a influence in the online world very easily and that is why the integrated digital marketing was strategized. so integrated digital marketing has most certainly become the finest way to build an online presence.

Digital marketing and Indian economy

Digital marketing has or will have even more greater effects on the Indian economy. In 2018, Indian digital adaptation index was 30%, in the past decade overall growth was approximately 90%. Digital marketing is expected to
• reduce corruption in India does boosting the economy.
• increase the speed of PSU sectors.
• decrease documentation work
• increase more security.
• grow The E-Commerce business and many others.

There are many digital marketing agencies in India who have already started making benefits in the new world.

And in the upcoming 5 years there will be many more such agencies. Be one of them!

Building a personal brand

When it comes to the digital marketing world, every agency has their own pattern of working. There is probably nothing so wrong and nothing so right. It’s just about whether it fits the consumer or not.

So it’s very important to be the unique one than to be the number one.

It’s not necessary to jump into to a lot of activities rather choosing a category and becoming a leader in that category should be the main aim. That’s your unique area of domain or that’s your niche. You are either a leader in a category or in a sub category but you should always be a leader.

“Deciding your niche or domain is half of your success.” Deepak, founder, digitalDeepak ( one of the best digital marketer in India)

Upsides of a personal brand

• people get more connected when they hear it from individual and not from a brand.
• a personal brand has the ability to give rise to many brands because of her/his reach.
• Elon musk has greater fan following than tesla and spaceX.

Downsides of a personal brand

• you cannot sell or ask for investors in a personal brand.
• at a point of time you also feel that there is too much of load on you and you may need a brand name other than personal brand.

The CATT marketing funnel

this funnel system is used for calculating wealth and also used for building a personal brand. It helps in selecting your niche. Maybe building a personal brand on it. And calculating the wealth from it.

According to this marketing funnel,


• n(niche):- Selecting or choosing a niche upon which the success or wealth will depend.
• C(content):- Creating useful content related to the niche selected. This helps in attracting people from blog posts, videos, vlog, live webinar etc.
• A(attention):- Try bringing of more attention to your blog posts, videos, lead magnets, live webinars with the help of social media, paid ads and referrals.
• T(trust):- Build trust with your consumers. Make them believe that the service provided by you is unique and it’ll fit them. Build a connection with your audience with the help of marketing, automation and retargeting.
• T(transaction):- convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods.



So these are the few points that strongly suggest digital marketing becoming the next BOOM. These may also give you an idea about how one should make the most use out of it. So be prepared and gear yourself up with all the latest technologies and trends.

Feel free to add your points and suggestions to the blog, if you think they can be added or or is relevant to the blog.

And yess! Tell me about the topics
that you like to read in the next blog


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